Poo is not a valid word on word mole

I have lost contact with the world over the past few weeks.
I think that I will be worse at living this week than I was last week. Although that being said (other than having to go to work) last week was a pretty great week.
This week will be a mixture of glorious glory and struggle pain town.

Glorious Glory:
Tonight I’m seeing Hayden
Tomorrow night I was initially seeing Chloe, but due to her being lame, I am no longer, but I’m sure great times will still come of Tuesday.
Wednesday night we are having housemate Christmas dinner
Thursday night I plan to party
Friday night it’s family Christmas eve dinner
Saturday it’s Christmas!

Struggle Pain Town:
I am horribly exhausted beyond belief
Due to exhaustion, my already high need for affection and attention has gone into overdrive
The above point mixed with others need to ignore me and ‘get shit done’ are never a good combination
I have to work, BUT I don’t have to work next week :D AND it’s already 2 o’clock.. my time flies.

For now, take interest in this movie I would like to see.
Would anyone like to join me?

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