Welcome to the taste bud party

You may be surprised to hear this.. But I am somewhat of genius in the kitchen.
I’m serious, it all started last Monday when I decided to make soup, it didn’t start (or finish) very well, but it was very delicious.
Last Tuesday, I boiled eggs and made both Jacob and myself a sandwich for lunch and he sent me a message that read: ‘So I just had that sandwich for breakfast and my mind is BLOWN! Jesus dude, what did you put in it?’
Then last night, I made myself Chicken and Chilli Pasta.
‘What is chicken and chilli pasta?’ you ask?
‘Well,’ I respond, ‘it’s a concoction that I made up on account of having very little ingredients in the house.’
It consists of Chicken (free range – I encourage you to buy free range too from now on, it’s not that much more expensive and it tastes better + the chicken has a happier life), garlic, oil, chilli and pasta.

First I cut the chicken breast into slices, covered them in garlic and then cooked them in a pan.
Next I cooked the pasta.
Then I cut the chilli’s (scoop out the seeds if you don’t like spicy).
Then I put a little bit of oil and garlic and the chilli’s into a cup and added it to the pasta once it was cooked.
After that, I put the chicken on top and ate it.

I didn’t use any measuring cups and I didn’t follow a recipe, but by gosh it was delicious!
MasterChef, here I come!


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