Never change

I have spent the past few days reminiscing on the past and all the great things that have happened over the past year.
What better way to do that, than look in my blog archives??
Over the past few weeks, I have been reluctantly feeling change happening. Not so much with myself, but with other people and how it is effecting me. I adapt differently to change, sometimes greatly, but then sometimes – like in this instance – horribly.
I always tend to look back and think ‘that never used to happen’ or ‘things where better then’.

For example, I'm having trouble with the transition between my Mac at home and my Windows at work.  I get the quick key's confused.

Maybe change happens for a reason, greater than what we know.
Maybe it’s ‘universal energy’ trying to tell us something that we don’t want to hear or accept.
..Or maybe I’m just crazy.

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