Well, well, well, the time has come

Well folks, it's almost over.
It's 11:09am, I've dismantled my whole bedroom single handedly, except my bed, so now I am waiting for Mum to get home and help me and while I wait, I thought what better time to post than now when I have free internet!

After 5 years, numerous sleep overs, a couple of sneak-outs, many family laughs, many family tears, many nights spent sleeping in the bathroom floor after our family 'get's a little too out of hand' at 'special occasions', it's finally over.. for now.

The time has come to be a grown up.

It's kind of sad to see my room in it's current state (I've been taking some photo's of my progress which I will post tomorrow), where it was once (yesterday morning) so homely and now it is just the shell of what has once contained so many happy times.

Now all I need is next Monday to be over and everything will be okay.

This was Christmas 2008/2009

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