Put up your hand if you love your Nan

I may or may not have mentioned this earlier, but I have been staying at my Nan’s house the past few days – being the amazing grand-daughter that I am.
I was thinking just last night how much I didn’t want to go home, not because I dislike my home, but because Nan’s house is filled with so many wonderful things like delicious dinners, a rather large TV, a comfortable bed, and not to mention yesterday in my lunch she packed me a lamington and two jam drop biscuits!

What I think I loved the most about it though, is that when I am inside those Nanly walls, I feel like I am in my own little world, where there is nothing but love and happiness - and let’s be honest, when you have love and happiness, what else do you need?

The greatest thing about Nan's house though, is that we get to stay up all night (8:30pm) playing cards!!

Nan is also SO cute, that she went to tennis yesterday in her slippers by accident!

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