A Gal can Dream

As of late, I feel like I am having some sought of mid-early-life crisis.
The greatest day of my life is looming, not even two weeks away and everything is starting to become too much and emotions are over-boiling. Between that and getting ready to move house, starting work at the new daylight savings time of 7:30 and getting my portfolio for uni finalised, I feel like I need someone to give me a big hug and tickle my back for a while, or buy me an amazing pair of shoes, but alas, no one shall.

Speaking of shoes though, I ordered the MOST AMAZING pairs (there are two of them) off the internet last week, which I REALLY hope will arrive this week. If they do, all my dreams are sure to come true (my dreams of having a whole cupboard dedicated to shoes that is).

This is one pair, I got these for practicality, a girl needs a pair of simple Mary-Janes.

I will probably post a million more times today, it's going so slowly!!

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  1. o.m.g Charlieee!! I am soo jealous of you, you have to come over to the hucker household when they arrive so i can stare at them! x