Arcade Fire - The Suburbs

Okay, so, I'm not sure if you have picked up on it yet (I'm sure people who spend amble time with me would) I am completely in love with Arcade Fire's new album - The Suburbs
I'm quite sure my soul is a little bit more complete every time I listen to it.

Some of you may remember a while ago me posting an 'ode to Arcade Fire'.. well this love for their new album has just made me love them as a whole a little bit more than I previously did love them (I think I am close to becoming a stalker that follows their band's bus whilst they are on tour).

This is probably my favourite album of the three - although all of their albums are amazing.

I bought The Suburbs at the same time that I bought Work by Shout Out Louds and I am partially sad, partially glad to admit that Work has barely even made it into my CD player, because Arcade Fire is pretty much all I have been listening to.. sad, but true.
I die for every song (except Rococo, I'm not sure how I feel about that yet).

The reason this post is relevant, is because I read online today that they are rumoured to be touring Australia with Big Day Out.
I will probably most defiantly go if this is the case and if I am one of the lucky few who make it to tickets.  In other news, I have never been to a festival before.

Anyway, it's getting late (for me) so I think I might go to bed.

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