Who ever knew it was past bed time?

After my AMAZING sleep last night, I came to realise just how horribly tired I have been over the past few days.
I usually have 10:00pm bed times, but this week I haven’t had a bed time before 1:00am, which really has been detrimental to both my sanity and the sanity of people I hold dear.
Today however, I feel like a more-normal version of my generally un-normal self.

In fact, today has been a rather great day so far.
I am applying to Uni next year, so I have been working on putting together a portfolio and I just had lunch with Chloe, which then brings me to my next point – GRILL’D IS FUCKING AMAZING.
I don’t think I have ever tasted something quite as beautiful as what I just experienced.

Hey! Last night I also did some more art-work/drawing for my bedroom!

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