Well hello there friends and foes.
How are you today? How’s the weather treating you? And the wife and kids?
Let’s cut the chit chat and get straight to the point..

I don’t really have a point.

Last night Jacob and I had what I thought was the greatest night, followed by what is sure to be a great night tonight!
So last night, after an amazing (ly greezy) Pizza for dinner, we grabbed a very expensive ($10) bottle of wine and had a nice sit by the river before going to Fat Loui’s to play pool – a game of which I would have obviously won had I not gone easy on Jacob because I knew he sucked.
I was quite impressed with ma skillz actually – I usually suck at pool, but I managed to keep up with Jacob – although he did pot two of my balls which gave me an advantage. Afterwards, we went to Timezone which was just up the road. This was also great. We earned enough points to win ourselves 3 lollies. Impressive I know.

I’m not sure what exactly that made last night quite as amazing as it was – and I did a horrible job of attempting to describe it just then – but I don’t think I stopped smiling or enjoying myself for even a second.

Tonight I will be a killer night as well I expect.
We are doing a road-trip to Kingaroy which will be interesting.
I’m going to take my camera – WHICH I AM SELLING IF ANYONE WANTS TO BUY – so I hope to take at least 2 semi-okay photo’s, but don’t keep your fingers crossed.

Camera for sale:
Type of Camera: Canon 450D
Mint condition
Comes with camera bag
Price: $450
Interested? E-mail me – charlieshries@ymail.com

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