Today has been a pretty crazy, boring, nothing day.
I took a look at my finances and realised I am more in the shit than first expected. Damn you nice clothes and trips away!
I’m pretty sleepy too. Damn you having to wake up early!
It’s not a very nice day outside either. Damn you weather!

When I get in these moods, I just want to spend money and have nice things!

On the plus side, I bought some felt today to make a bat for my room.
I’m pretty excited to finish it all – when I do I will post a series of photo’s for you all to see and respond with ‘ooooh’ and ‘aaaah’ and secretly die with jelousy.

On a plus side – Shout out Louds are coming to Australia!
They are playing at Peats Ridge Festival in Sydney and I REALLY hope they come to Brisbane and do a side show, otherwise they might just be worth going down for if I can hussle up a gang of wingmen, plus I have never actually been to a festival before.
There aren’t many bands I can listen to non-stop and repetitively like I do with these guys and they also released a new album a mere 7 months ago.

I think my top 5 bands of all time would be Adam Green, Belle & Sebastian, The Cure, Shout Out Louds, The Magnetic Fields and David Bowie would probably come at number 5.5.

Hmm.. Interesting – I only have another half an hour of work left. Woopieeeeee

I love this collection (No.21 F2010) more than anything.
I am quite sure I have posted it before
I wee myself a little bit in excitement everytime I see it.

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