This is the longest post in the world on account of being the greatest weekend in the world.

This weekend has defiantly been one of the most fun I have had in a long, long, long time!
“What did you do?” You ask.
“Well”, I reply, “Jacob and I went to Kingaroy”.
Kingaroy?” you say sounding shocked.
“Yes”, I answer coolly.

On Thursday, Jerkface and I decided to go away for the weekend/Friday night. Instead of going the beach route that we so often do, we chose to go west.
So, on Friday after Jacob dropped me at work, I spent my morning on Google Maps looking at all the little towns and then ringing different hotels, trying to find the cheapest room. After much times spent researching, it was decided that we would be staying at the Pioneer Lodge Motel in Kingaroy.
After packing and getting everything ready for the great weekend ahead of us, we hit the pavement. We were two young dames, out on the open road, the wind in our hair, just like Thelma and Louise. Driving through the bush was quite scary I must admit as everything was pitch black, although the stars really were amazing. We stopped at a few towns along the way all of which were totally bare of all human activity as it was past 7:00pm.
Once we got to Kingaroy at 12:15ish, we got into out motel room and had a very much needed sleep before waking up in the morning just in time for Saturday Disney.

Once that had finished and we were ready for the day, we checked out of our room (which by the way, the man who owned the motel was really, really lovely and if you head to Kingaroy I recommend staying there) and went into town (all 100m of it). First of all we went into this sweet antique/second hand/disposal shop. I have never seen anything quite like it. It had everything from clocks and cat statues to army gear and combat boots. After what was probably a good 20minutes to half an hour in there, we carried on in search of food.

After a while of walking we ate at this little cafe that was SO cheap and SO delicious!
I got a mini meal which contained a burger, chips, a poppa and a Carmelo Koala and Jacob got this gnarly looking Burger. I can honestly say that it was probably one of the best ‘fast food burger’ meals that I have had in my life. Everything was so fresh. There was a man out the back who was cutting the potato’s and the meat patty tasted like the cow had just died earlier that morning. It was delicious and the quality for money was just out of this world.

Anyway.. Once we had re-fuelled we did some more walking around the town before heading back to the car. On our way out of Kingaroy we stopped at this Nut stand (Kingaroy is famous for its peanuts) and this is what happened:

(After a bit of convocation)
Lady: “Where are you guys from?”
Us: “We are from Brisbane.”
Lady: “Brisbane??”
Us: “Yeah.”
Lady: “Are you visiting Family or something?”
Us: “No, we are just here for fun.”
Lady: “Here? For fun?”

Were we wrong in thinking Kingaroy could be fun?? I think not!!

I’m not really sure where abouts we were – Jacob was driving, I just ate all the chocolate and paid no attention, as is the usual happenings in his car – so I can’t really delve into any detail about where we went, but we did go to Wivenhoe Damn on our way back. It was pretty beautiful, especially because it was about 3:30 / 4:00 in the afternoon and the sun was at that perfect stage of setting.

When we got back to Brisbane, I unpacked my bag and cooked us a quality meal of Eggs on Toast before we watched ‘The Missing’ with Cate Blanchett. This is such an intense movie set in 1888, about these Witch Indians who steal all these girls to sell. It’s hard to explain, but very much worth seeing.
After that was over Jacob was going to go home, but then I realised I left my phone in his car, so I said I would walk out with him. (I might just add that no one else was home at the time) As we left the front door, Jacob closed it behind him and in doing so locked me out as I did not have my key. This is probably the 5th time I have been locked out in the past 4 weeks. I think the only word that can be used to describe this moment for both of us was ‘fuck’.
I felt a small moment of crisis – I had been locked out of the house, my parents were at a party and I wasn’t sure when they would be home, my phone had run out of battery, I was sleepy and I was cold.
I called my Mum of Jacobs phone and luckily she answered and the party wasn’t that far away, so we drove and got the house key off her.
Upon going into the house of the party wearing my slippers and Mickey Mouse jumper lead to great embarrassment. Everybody inside – especially my Dad – was HORRIBLY drunk, all I could think whilst inside was ‘please, get me out of here’. Finally my prayers were answered and Jacob drove me home to bed where I slept a lovely deep sleep until 10:00 on Sunday morning.

This is defiantly one of the longest posts in the world. Feel free to stop reading if you have not already done so.

On Sunday, Chloe and I went for a lovely egg sandwich and Bruchetta filled picnic in West End by the river.
It was glorious to have the sun on our faces and delicious food in our belly. Although I think we both died from ant-bites. I know I am dying today as I am allergic to ants and right now I wouldn’t mind sawing off my ankle.
Anyway, the picnic was lovely and it always is a pleasure seeing her. We then went to the Antique Warehouse in Woolloongabba before I met Jacob (and the Goodtime team) after he finished work.

After I met Jacob, we went back to his house and he did photo-editing whilst I walked to 7/11 and got some crisps (Cheetos) and chocolate (Smarties). We then went to my Brothers welcome home party (he’s just been in Sydney for a month training in the Army) hosted by his beautiful girlfriend Holly. Jacob went home with a migraine and I ate some delicious Passionfruit star-shaped cookies made by one of the gentlemen who attended the party.

My mum then picked me up at 8:30 and I went to bed, waking up this morning feeling lovely and refreshed so then I was able to come to work and bring you this quality post which I have been writing non-stop for about 1 hour and 10 minutes.

I think that’s all the time I have though Folks. Have a great day!!

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