Kill Myself > Stay in Brisbane

I just took a look at lovely Callum Spencers blog (because he just posted for the first time in weeks) and I was welcomed with open arms by a big slap in the face..
Callum is travelling around Europe at the moment and his blog post was filled with photographs of his travels. Whenever I see photographs of all the beautiful buildings and beaches and people in other countries, it really makes me question what I am still doing here.

Ye’ol Brisbane where it’s gloomy and cold and there are no good looking, charming Italian men to sweep me off my feet (except for the guy who works on Level 3 in my building).
But seriously, I think if I don’t go somewhere nice soon, even if it’s just for the weekend to the coast, I WILL DEFFINATLY DIE!

I need sun on skin and wind in hair and to feel like time or what’s going on in the world doesn’t matter because I am so absorbed in being happy and having fun.

It’s too easy to get caught up in things in everyday life and I really would like a small break of glory.

Here is a photo I stole from Callum's Blog - http://callumspencer.blogspot.com/

Have fun bud, I look forward to seeing you when you are back in the city of Gods (Brisbane)

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  1. charlie charlie charlie.

    just be happy u don't live in Albania.

    there are people with white panel vans that tryed to kidnap my friends.


    and blame flickr. and not having photoshop or any kind of photo manipulating or compressing technology to work with.