If Potato Gems were people.. my life would be complete

I thought that what started off as a great day, had started slowly going to shit, just like the sun lost out to the clouds, but then I got potato gems for lunch and I haven’t stopped smiling. If potato gems were people, the world would have no problems, I don’t think they could possibly do any wrong – no, they defiantly could do no wrong. People on the other hand are always falling short. Different people want different things and we have different feelings what may please one person, does not necessarily please another, where as potato gems are just a ball of potatoie goodness, and they are all more or less the same thing.
I think my trust in people is below dismal, in fact I think the only people I trust whole-heartedly would be Chloe and Holly, where as potato gems, I can trust every-one to satisfy me just as much as the previous one did.

Potato gems would never make me sad or lonely and they would do their best to keep me warm at night.. can we say the same about people?
My version of the ultimate man

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