Tresure Hunt

Back in January, I did a treasure hunt with a fellow creepy friend of mine..
I know it was ages ago, but I have only just uploaded the photo's and thought I should share them round - more for my creepy-friend's benifit than for my other 23 followers (sorry guys).

(The story is what happened during my hunting experiance)
I woke up at 9:00 and hitched a lift to Toowong Cemetry where I had made a pirates map and was about to bury treasure.
When I got to the cemetry, I thought "I should probably follow the map, just to make sure it's all accurate".. it wasn't.
Luckily I had a pen with me so I craftily drew over the map the correct way of how to reach the treasure.
(Things look so differant on google maps)
Anyway, that aside, I climbed over tombstones to the highest point in the cemetry where I hid my loot.


Treasure #1

Treasure #2 (it's a flash)

Once that was over, I caught the bus back to Sherwood (indahood), where my rival had hidden his treasure in the Arboritum just down the road from me.

Although, just as I was about to leave to recover their treasure.. I was informed that they were running late.
So I watched Saturday Disney.

Once they had given the A-Okay to start hunting, I put on my walking shoes and headed down to the Arboritum. He had told me where my starting point was, but me - being the idiot I am - thought they ment somewhere differant, so I spent about half an hour, looking for a map which was infact in an entirly differant spot.
Might I also add that it was the hottest, sunniest day there ever has been.

Once I was on track, and had found the starting point, I was then lead through an adventure of never-ending smiles.

I looked like the biggest creep, strolling around the Arboritum by myself laughing and smiling and seemingly nothing.. If only they really knew.

This was possibly one of the greatest-most-smile-filled days of my life.
To finish it nicely as well, I drove Chloe and Mum to the beach where we sat by the water for the afternoon and Mum fell asleep.

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