I've been home sick today - sleeping mostly, then at 1:00 I got up and had breakfast and watched Sex and the City, an American Girl in Paris (part deux) (I watched part une yesterday).
Part deux is most deffinatly my favorite episode ever, I think I have watched it a billion times and could watch it a billion more times and never tire of it!
I am also SUPER excited to see Sex and the City 2 - I have watched the trailer a good 20 times.
Hopefully Chloe and I will go and see it tomorrow afternoon.

I love that every time I watch a Sex and the City episode, I feel great and happy and girly. I hope that one day my life will be like that, and I will have a whole cupboard to store my shoes in! Oh if this were true, my life would be complete.
Speaking of which, it's my birthday in 5 days!

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