It's Friday!

My throat feels like it’s died and gone to scratchy, itchy, hell, no to mention the fact that my nose keeps snot-leaking.
I feel like the most disgusting person on the planet – more-so than usual.
Other than that, today has been good!

I got a lift into work, which meant avoiding the much-hated public transport
I haven’t really done much work, but the day has still gone mighty quickly
We are playing soccer this afternoon so we get to finish early
I’m going to see sex and the city with my Muuuummy after work :D
And I’m wearing what is possibly my favourite dress!

In my lunch break I went to try and pay my train-ticket fine with no luck.
It’s well overdue for paying, but they make it so damn hard to pay. I went to a trillion places to try and pay it and each place told me to go somewhere different, and then I ran out of time..

Ah, yes, it’s 2:23pm – what a perfect time to hang myself from our shower railing.

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