One more for luck

Seeing as it's such a memorable day in blogging history.. I thought one more rant before bed surely can't hurt.
I went to Chloe's house again this evening, I'm begining to feel like furniture there now.
Her sister cooked us a lovely dinner which we ate, accompanied by MasterChef.
I love going to Chloe's house and sitting outside with the candels on - although today our usual lighting wass differant which totally threw us both out of sync - she always puts things into perspective for me.. she has such a fine way with words.
No matter the problem, Chloe always has a good solution.
I think it's easier to guide someone else in the right direction than to guide yourself - sometimes we need someone with imparcial feelings to step in and say when enough is enough or if more herbs are needed.
She's the one person I know I can always count on (sorry edwina) for a great dinner.

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