Am I right?

I really should go to bed..
But after my convosation with Chloe earlier, I got to thinking about teenage girls or even women the world over.
Why is nothing ever as we expect or hoped?

We girls are not a rare breed, and whilst we may all come differantly.. ultimatly we are all the same.

We don't know why we do the things we do, but we also can't stop from doing them, what ever it may be.

We are emotion-ridden; we have horrible up's and down's; we change our mind; we may say something, hoping you will tell us the opposite, but are dissapointed when the answer is not as we'd hoped.
More than anything though, I think we want to feel special and safe and loved and as though no one else in the world could possibly matter except for us.
We want to feel like someone is there for us whenever we are in need and in turn we want to feel like we could be the support for someone in need.
We (this could possibly just be me) wait around by the phone, or on fb or in Brisbane on the odd chance that someone might call and ask to do something, even though it's unlikely.
Although we try to keep-our-cool (although I'm cool all the time), we are secretly going crazy inside over something that is generally minimal.

This is neither good nor is it bad, it's just us.


  1. you spoke my mind. why is it i find myself continually wanting things i cannot have and that want/don'twant/want/don'twant me. but the things i can have so easily i do not want.

    and just when you think it's safe to breathe again they come back oblivious to everything wanting more of your soul.
    <3 from a fellow vagina friend

  2. p.s. should hang on weekend if you'd like? x