It's Monday night again

This afternoon went well, I picked up my Tristan Blair's from the shoe repair man :D and I saw my old friend the wizard on the train home.
It was when I was walking home from the train in the dark that I though 'I can't wait until summer' it was then I also thought, wait a minute.. what am I talking about.. I hate summer and I love winter.
Then it got me thinking even more.. I always want what I can't have.
All summer long, I wait for winter, and when winter comes, I want it to be summer again.
I always think 'I have no summer clothes' but then in winter I have nothing to wear but summer clothes.
I would DIE for curly hair, but alas my hair is dead straight.

It's funny how this happens.. Am I just being displeased for the sake of being displeased or are more people like this?

Anyway, photo's didn't happen tonight - instead my ugly brother came home for dinner (he moved out last week), and I coloured my Mum's hair for her.. It may have turned purple, I am yet to find out.. this could be potentially hilariuous, and if this is the case, I will be SURE to post a photo.

I did however watch Desperate Housewives and paint my nails, and tomorrow I plan to wear my not-so-new-but-never-been-worn-Tristan Blair's!
You remember the ones with the bows that are the MOST AMAZING ever?
The buckle broke, and they were getting fixed, but now they are all mine forever and ever and I will be the most amazingly foot-wear dressed woman at the ball!

I also wish I could wear an outfit like this.
Or be Abbey-Lee, either one would suffice

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