What I do at work

Boy Oh Boy, today has been a productive one.
I have been quite the busy bee.

Some of you, who have been reading for a while, may remember The Tale of Stephen Townsend which I wrote earlier in the year - http://chuckinthetree.blogspot.com/2010/01/tale-of-stephen-townsend.html
Anyway, below is the story (half of the story) that I wrote yesterday for Chloe’s Birthday.

It was also yesterday, whilst writing this story that I came to the realization – I have the greatest job in the world.

I don’t do any work pretty much ever bar answering phones, I can surf the internet, I use their stationary supplies to make things for myself and my friends, they don’t care if I take a break and don’t return for 2 hours – I’m pretty much getting paid (quite a hefty amount) to internet creep, be creative and crafty and wander around the city, buying things.

I really am the luckiest man/lady alive!

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