The Tale of Stephen Townsend

There was once a man, in 1805, living in the heart of Paris, his name was Stephen. Stephen was mearly a humble baker, however his bread was so delicious that he was rumered to be a God. Many would flock from all around the country just to sample this bread and lay eyes on the baker. Stephen was a kind hearted man, and he found joy in helping others. He would often bake bread for the people living on the streets of Paris, the people that without his delicious bread, would otherwise starve. This is why many loved him.

One day, on Stephen's daily walk to work, he could see smoke circulating the air, coming from the street of his bakery. He sped his walk, only to find that when he arrived at his once beautiful bakery, it had been burned to the ground. Stephen was devistated. He dropped to his knee's on the street. His whole life's pride and joy, his whole life's work, had been turned to ash. He shouted to the Gods 'What have I done to deserve this? I have always am kind to everyone, I help those less fortunate to myself, I never take anything more than my share. Why has this happened?'

Stephan then heard a witch-like cakkle coming from behind him. He whipped his head around only to see Aubert, the owner of the other bakery in Paris. Aubert was always jelous of Stephens sucess. He was not kind and giving like Stephen, and that is why people did not go to his bakery.

Stephen said to Aubert, 'Why did you do this to my bakery?'
Aubert smirked and said, 'don't you see Stephen, now people will come to my bakery, now people will worship me, now I will be loved by all'
Stephen replied, 'people will not go to your bakery Aubert, you are a wicked, evil man and people will not like your bread because it tastes of jelousy and hate.'
'Oh, but they will. Once they hear that went crazy, gave me your delicous recipies, and disapeard from town, never to be seen again. They will have no choice, I will now be the only baker in town.' Aubert said with a cakkle.
'You may have distroyed my bakery, but you cannot make me leave.' Stephen replied.
Aubert smirked a smirk that was so horrible, it hurt to look at and said, 'wrong again Stephen.'

Suddenly, Stephen felt a sharp pain in the back of his head and everything went black.

When he awoke, he could not see and he could not move, his body had been bound. He could feel he was in a cellar, the cold, moist air sent a chill down his spine. He yelled for help, but no one came.

He heard footsteps, and the door then opened. It could have been hours later, he did not know the day or time. He felt two sets of hands on either side of his shoulders and he was lifted and carried outside. He was put in a sack and lifted into a carrage. They traveled down a bumpy road in a direction, he could not tell and for how long, he did not know.

The Horses stopped and he was lifted out. There was some low mumbling which he could not understand. And then he felt a swing and his stomach drop. He plunged for what felt like hours, but was only seconds. As he hit the freezing water, he knew this was it. He would not survive.
The cool water swallowed him into their depths.

He just thought, if i can get to the water surface, maybe I can float until I reach a river bank.

This is what he did. It could have been days later, he wasn't sure, but he awoke to someone standing over him, untying his ropes. He asked them where he was and what day it was. He told them he needed to get back to Paris, to the police, so they gave him a horse and some food and he went on his way..

To Be Continued...

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  1. Cant wait for the next part! Making a note to myself to never talk to an Aubert if I ever meet one.