A holiday's comin' my way!

Good evening fellow bloggers!

Today's been a great day.. Though it actually wasn't that exciting at all. 
I went to see my Nan and my mum and I (and Nan) went for a drive and then had egg sandwiches for lunch.  And then Ugly called mum and I on our way home and asked us to meet him in the city to tell him if we liked a jacket he was thinking about buying (we did, so he bought it).
Then we just came home and here I am..

I borrowed a heap of movies off Nan (the sound of music, my fair lady), all the great ones, which I look very much forward to watching this week (I'm off work again all week).
And on Thursday and Friday and possibly Saturday, I'm going up to our family Lake House up the coast with Mama which will be nice.

I'm looking forward to being outside and sitting in the sun, reading and listening to music and eating all the lollies I can.  And going for walks and doing something other than watching television and sleeping - although I can't stay awake much past 2:00pm at the moment without having a little nap.

However I think to get away is exactally what I need at the moment!

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