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One day last week – I can’t remember which day exactly - I bought a new pair of headphones.
Anyway, after a week’s trial (and much boredom at work/nothing else to blog about), I thought I should right a review of some sought.
Now, I’m no headphone professional (although I am commonly mistaken for one) and from my very, very limited headphone knowledge I think they are not bad.. not bad at all.

When I bought them, I was looking for something relatively inexpensive and that wouldn’t keep falling out of my ears (headphones don’t EVER stay in my ears.. I think it’s the way that I was or the way the cord pulls, I have no idea) so these are pur-fect. They are also not too high-tech that I feel like they don’t belong with my original iPod mini (in silver).

They are also great because they pretty much block out all noise so it makes public transport so much more pleasant, and they are nice and small, so when not being worn, they fit nicely into my bag.
I can’t really report on the sound-quality side of things, and I’m not going to pretend to know anything about anything.

But all in all, I’d give them an 8 out of 10.

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