Greyson Chance

Did anyone just catch the Ellen DeGerneres show?

Well I did..

AND there was this amazing 12 year old boy on there named Greyson Chance who sang a song that he WROTE BOTH THE LYRICS AND CORDS to.

Now, this kid isn't your average Justin Bieber-fame-seeking-d-bag, they also interviewed him and he seems like a genuinely cool guy. He’s still 12 and he’s not trying to be any older, he’s just doing what he is doing because he loves it.
It’s not my kind of music, but it’s still pretty amazing, especially that someone so young could come up with something like that with seemingly no real life experience and what not.

It is possible though that my male readers will disagree with me though – however sexist that may sound – but seriously, take a listen, he’s amazing.

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  1. i saw him charlie he is amazing!! his version of paparazzi is so good. justin bieber is a douche and thinks he is black. this guy is the real deal i rekon