Tristan, I believe you are my soul

VG just got in Tristan Blair!!
I had my first parcial day back yesterday afternoon (unfortunatly for them, they just can't get rid of me and my AMAZING jokes - prepare for it guys, they have inproved) after my MY(shottmeinthehead)OB course.
I nearly died from a shoe-heart-attack.
I am sure I wept a little inside over EVERY SINGLE PAIR.

These ones are the pair that own my heart - for those who have been reading for a while, you may have remembered me posting these a few months ago.

(the ones I ADORE are all black though)

I can't wait to slip my short-yet-wide foot into their beautiful insides.

And today I shall also be purchasing this amazingly amazing Noemi Klein ring (which I will post photo's of later toninght / tomorrow / Sunday)

Ahh, hello shopping heaven.
It was actually the nicest breath of fresh air to be around clothes, and shoes and all things wonderful yesterday.  How I have missed it.


  1. haha MINE they're all MINE buaahhahaha yayy (welcome back chucksta)

  2. and we loved having to back chucky...
    zok god x

  3. who's to I mean you?