Today, I feel about as useful as a clogged toilet.

Not because I smell bad, but more because I can't function as I am expected to.
I am overly exhausted (though this is no one’s fault but my own), it's rainy, I'm cold, and I feel like shopping more than I feel like working. For those of you thinking 'that's no different from usual' - you are partially right, however I do suspect I work more than I let on.

I want to do something fun this weekend.
Like go away somewhere nice, swim in the sea maybe, drive in the country.
I've been staying indoors too much for my liking lately.

I also just had a thought -
My parents are away.. and I have been doing nothing to take advantage of this fact (other than building a teepee in my bedroom).
But seriously, I've been mopey because we are hungry and poor and have a future convict to control, but has anyone starved or died yet? NO.
From now on, I shall stop complaining and get up to as much non-parental restricted mischief as I feel necessary.
If I weren't at work, I would jump up and say HIZZARR!

On a totally different note, I was re-reading some of my earlier posts and I came to a realization - due to spelling errors and typing the wrong words without proof reading - the majority of them actually do not make sense.
For this I am sorry, and from now on I will also proof read all posts before posting!

And finally, here is a little something, something as a warm parting gift

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