I'm 90% sure there is a rabbit in my roof.. or at least on my Christmas wishlist.

I've been going back to my roots these past few days.
Back to the man that truely stole my heart and even though he may not know it.. my virginity.
If you thought the man that lives down the street, you are wrong.
I was however talking about the infamous Adam Green.

This man is a lyrical genious/god.
Everything that comes out of his mouth is amazing - even the things he says when he doesn't know I'm outside his window.
Those who have followed for long enough may remember my ten thousand creepy-stalker-like rants that I used to post.. Well get ready folks - they are back for good.

I tend to over-obsess with a particular band/artist/song/foot fetish untill I get to the point where I  think that if I listen to it again, it will hate me.
Out of fear of this happening with young Adam here I gave our relationship a bit of time out.
But oh boy, it's back.
(strangely enough so is me like for food porn and wrinkled feet)

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