For all those involved

Good Morning!

I am pleased (very, very pleased) (extatic perhaps) to report that my parents have arrived home safetly, and all sanity was re-gained. I can't even begin to explain how great it is now that they are finally home.
I don't think I have ever been so excited to wake up at 4:30am before!
However, whilst my body is now in a state of relaxation, instead of paranoia, my right tonsile has decided it's party time and is going crazy with pain.

Another dose of good news is that my hair does not look as bad as first suspected - phew!
Everyone seems to enjoy it, and it's nice to have a bit of change in the air every once in a while (except if it involves parents going away).

This past weekend has actually been a pretty great weekend.
On Friday night, I went and got dinner/an over-priced drink with my lovely friends, then on Saturday I worked in store, Saturday night I went to a small get-together with some other friends, Sunday I stayed home and watched Arrested Development with another pal of mine, Sunday night it was my friend Courtney's boyfriend Jono's birthday - Happy Birthday, so we went out for that, and then Monday (this was probably the highlight) my Sunday pal and I went to the coast and (I attempted) to climb Mt Coolum (which proved more difficult than first expected, especially due to some falls I encountered thoughout the day. (I got tripped on the beach and completely face-planted it into the sand.  This wasn't just a normal trip - oh no - this was much, much worse.))

So all in all a good weekend, made even better by the fact that this is going to be a normal week in our now-sain household.

Well anyway, it's Pamela's birthday today, so I am off to eat some cake.

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