It's too rainy to picnic

I was planning a great picnic by the river this afternoon where I would take muffins and play cards and read my book by the banks of a coolaba tree, but alas the rain has spoiled my plans :(
Today has actually been a great day. I saughted out my itunes, started reading a new book - Boy and Going Solo - Roald Dahl (Boy is the first book, going solo is the second, but they have been combined into one superbook). It's actually a great great great book and I'm only ten pages in - I fell asleep.

I have been so lethargic lately - I guess the saying 'the less you do, the less you want to do' runs true (that wasn't suppost to rhyme). I think I need to get my dancing shoes back on in the next few days and boogie down. I havn't had great-dance-time in maybe over a month or so (take that all ya'll at VG, who's hipster-scenester of the year now!) and I fear it's taking a toll on my sanity.

God, I will deffinatly tear out someones eyeballs for some strawberry milk and smarties right now.
Anyway, Here's some pictures of my bedroom.

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