It's doubtful that I have/will move from the couch all weekend.

Sunday morning greatness: i.e. waking up on Sunday morning and realising it's Sunday, not Monday and that you have a whole 'nother day of weekend left.
Sunday is a differant kind of weekend to Saturday too. Everyone is busy doing things on Saturday, whereas on Sunday, you don't feel lazy kickin' back and doing nothing.. it's what's expected.
My weekend has been pretty grooovy. Yesterday I woke up and watched Saturday Disney - the greatest show in the world, then I read my book for 2 hours and finished it :( :) then I watched season 4 finale of Skins (dissapointing in the upmost) then there was 2 episodes of Seinfeld followed by 2 episodes of Frasier on Channel 99. Then I can't really remember what I did untill about 7:30 (possibly sleep?) and then I watched this amazingly interesting show about building Wimbly Stadium with my dad, it was hosted by one of the guys from Top Gear, and then my friend came over and we watched Bruce Almighty.
As you can see - I pretty much didn't get off my ass yesterday other than the occasional trip to the bathroom and/or fridge.
Seeing as it's Sunday and my family has bailed on me, I think today will be a day much the same as yesterday.
Ahhh I do love the weekends!

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