Hey check out this four eyed kid.. BAM

This weekend really was the greatest of all holy weekends.

On Saturday I went shopping wit ma mumma (with my mum) which was nice. She bought this amazing dress and these amazing shoes that I will borrow/steal from her when the time is right.
We went into the city and to the Emporium and I bought a pair of sunglasses (even though my bank balance said no) which, if I do say so myself, are quite schnazzy.

I enjoy them quite a lot.

On Saturday night I just went out with Chloe AND THEN SUNDAY.. oh boy, Sunday was the greatest of the great.
I got up early and went to the coast with my creepy grandfather-figure. It was great, I lathered up in sunscreen and stayed under the beach umberella and fell asleep, had a swim in the water to cool down and then got some great book-reading done as well as THE MOST AMAZING BURGER IN THE ENTIRE WORLD.

Fuck, it was from this Maroccan buger joint and it was steak with salad, beetroot, heaven, avocado, chutney, and other glorious things.

Here are some photo's I got on the drive home which accompanied our great singing

Yeah.. Deffinatly a great day

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