I just did the hugest of all huge clean-out-of-rooms.
It is so clean now, that I think you would be hard pressed to find even the tiniest speck of dust

Aiaiaiaiai (said in mexican voice) It's been such a boring day today. I had so little to do at work, that I don't think I actually did any work at all AND I took 5 minutes more on my lunch break and no one even noticed.
I went down to the Botanical Gardens and sat on a bench and watched the river and the world go by. It was lovely.

MMMM, In the mornings, when I get up, it's getting colder.
I love this time of year when you can feel the seasons change.
Wait for a few more weeks, then you will REALLY be able to feel it.
This is what I plan on wearing all winter:

Chanel and Dries Van Noten.. I don't think it gets any better.

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