Oh Hey There, 2010

A belated Happy New Years!
As I told everyone in my last post, I caught the train up to Coolum to see Chloe. It was very fun, we may have embarrassed ourselves a little around her family later in the evening, but I think they will forgive us.

Anyway, this is what happened, and how come I've been away for a few a week, instead of just the night;

Convosation at 3:00pm
Me: What are you doing for New Years?
Chloe: I'm going down to Sydney.
M: Cool!
C: Come with me!!
M: Oh I wish I could but I really don't have any money, I just got paid today and it has to last me 2 weeks.
C: :(

Convosation at 10:00pm
C: Come to Sydney, it will be so much fun!!!!
M: No, I can't I can't, I'm just a poor girl with no money.
C: Coooooommmeee ooooonnn! We'll have the best time!
M: Fuck it, okay, fine!
C: Wooohooo!!
(Both do a happy dance with yelling and screaming and excitement involved)

So then we drunkenly booked my tickets, and the next day, off to Sydney it was.

We arrived at 6:00pm (daylight savings time) and caught the train to Milsons Point, and walked to our friends appartment in Kirrabilli for New Years. This was amazing.. Kirrabilli was RIGHT on the harbour, we got full frontal view of the fireworks at the Sydney Harbour Bridge. It was AMAZING.
The next day, Friday, we just hung around the appartment for a little while, and then Chloe and I went and got a cone of the worlds most delicious icecream down at Circular Quay (where the Opera House is). On the way to this location, we had to cross the Harbour Bridge. This was a highlight of the trip, not only because we were crossing such an Australian landmark, but because it was really windy, and Chloe turned around really quickly with her mouth open and got a whole mouthful of really long hair from an Asian tourist also on the bridge.
It was soooooooooooooooooooo funny!
I guess you had to be there though.
Anyway, after the icecream, and the hair, we caught a bus to Surrey Hills where we stayed at another friends place for the remainder of the trip.
We didn't really do anything for the rest of the day / night, because we were both pretty exhausted.
Anyway, we woke up Saturday morning, Chloe was refreshed, me however having the worst sleep ever thanks to a mosquito, was a little worst for wear.
We took a look around Oxford Street and went into the city, we both had no money at all so then we went and got the key off Sarah (our new roomy) and went back to the appartment and watched Season 2 of Skins which finished just in time for us to get ready, and go out for a Saturday night in Sydney.
We went to Oxford Arts which was very fun. We met 2 totalli kewt guyzz. When we left there, we went to Gasslight (on Crown street) and then as we were walking home, it was really really rainy, so we took shelter under this ledge things, which is what a few other people also chose to do. After a few minutes we were on first name bases with them, so we let them take us to a bar in paddington and buy us a drink before going home to bed in the early hours of the morning.
Sunday, we thought we would treat ourselves and we went to Max Brenner's. We had a chocolate fondu and a frappe things which was amazing. Well worth the bus ride there.

After that, I actually can't remember what we did. It was really cold so I think we had a look around the shops before getting the key of Ahmed (another roomy) and going home to watch Arrested Developement.

On Sunday evening, Chloe bumped into one of our friends from Brisbane on the street, so we then went to their appartment for a few / a few too many drinks.

This was fun, we ended the night spooning and watching 500 days of Summer, before heading home.
Monday, we thought we would do some sight seeing things so we got on the bus to Circular Quay where we got another amazing icecream and walked up to the Sydney Opera House. It was here, Chloe got a message (I won't post what it said) where we laughed and laughed and laughed and laughed, and people were staring, but we continued laughing.
We decided to get lunch (fish and chips) and sit by the Harbour and eat. After we were finished, we were just sitting back, relaxing, when a crazy homeless woman came up to us and asked us for a cigarette, we said we didn't have anymore, we'd just run out, but here, take the rest of our food that we won't eat, anyway, she was persistant, she wasn't leaving untill she got that cigarette, so we were persistant, and kept telling her we didn't have any. After a few minutes of this, she put her aids infested hand on Chloe's shoulder, and asked if she could have a draw of the one Chloe had in her hand.. Chloe said no.. However like I said, this lady was persistant, so she reached down and grabbed the cigarette, took a draw and as she went to give it back to Chloe, Chloe then said 'It's okay, you can have that.'
Anyway, not much really happened after that, we just went back to the appartment, said our goodbyes and went off the the airport to make our long journey home.
All in all, great decision to go!

I had the best time, and although I have $10 to my name now, I had the greatest New Years, and the greatest other 4 days.
If I had stayed at home, sure I would still have money, but I would have just stayed home with channel GO every day instead of getting out and seeing the world.
Thanks Sarah, Eleen, Randy and Ahmed for having us in your home. It was so nice getting to know ya'll.
The only bad thing is, I come home to an ant infestation in my bedroom..
They are EVERYWHERE. But hey, I will save that for another post.

Happy 2010!

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