Hey rain

I'm going on a very last minute coast trip today to Coolum!
Here's how it went (phone convosation):
Me: Hey Chloe, are you working today?
Chloe: Hey, no, I'm at the coast
M: Oh damn, I was going to see if you wanted to do something
C: Want to come to the coast?
M: I can't drive
C: Catch the train, we will get you from the station
M: Woohoo! I'll be on the next train
So yeah, it turns out I didn't need to rush to pack and get ready quite as quickly as I thought I did, so now I have an hour or so to kill.. and I thought 'what can I do in that hour?' and then I though 'I know, I'll post on my blog.'
So here we are, so here we are.

Hey, I don't know if anyone actually watched to those video's I posted, but if you did, did anyone notice that in Caroline one of the lines is 'her lips taste just like sunk ships, but her brests taste just like breakfast.'
I had a little giggle at this one.
Bottom line.. Marry me.
Okay, well I'm off to the coast for the night.. Bye

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