I hate the heat

I went to see Avatar today.. wowowiwa
It was intense/amazing.
I now see why it took 14 years (mum tells me it was 7, but I heard from a more reliable source it was 14) to make.
The special effects where out of this world, I actually felt like I was one with the movie. Apparently it was based on this internet site you can log into called 'second life' which is kind of like a real life version on the Sims. I can see why people would enjoy it.. I love the Sims.
However, people turn crazy and all they do all day is sit at the computer logged into second life. Kind of like I do with my posts.
But seriously, this website allows you to be the person you always wanted to be (slightly taller, skinnier with longer hair) and no one has to know that you are actually some creepy facebook stalker.

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