Well, Merry Christmas everyone!
What a great Christmas it has been so far aswell.
We had our anual family Christmas dinner last night, where my mum cooks a turkey and my brothers girlfriend Holly comes over and we have a jolly good time.
Like all good Chritmas party's, there was copious amounts of alcohol involved and the night ended with a family dance session (consisting of only my dad and myself) and falling asleep on the bathroom floor. It's a good thing that I live here, otherwise I doubt I would be invited back next year.

All my hopes and dreams came true this year for Christmas, my parents and Ugly (my older brother) who had me for secret santa bought me an amazing Oroton bag.
Today, we will just be hanging around the home and will possibly have a family Seinfeld viewing session before we are off to my extended family's house for dinner.
Extended family time can sometimes be quite intense as there are around 30-40 people in my extended family that live in Brisbane, and on rainy days like today, there is not always enough room.
This event is also much easier to handle after a few glasses of $4 wine.. Christmas really is the time to eat and drink to your hearts content.
All-in-all, a promising day ahead.
Merry Christmas!

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