Now appearing on google!

So exciting news... I am now appearing on google if you type in chuckinthetree@blogspot.com
This is the most exciting news I've had since I found out that some people ACUTALLY READ MY BLOG other than the people I sent the link to. Fame and riches.. here I come.
Not much has been happening, I'm in the wars at the moment after I thought rolling down my stairs would get me to the bottom more quickly than walking - not a good idea as it turns out.

But here's a freaky story I read in MX and like all weirdos, I decided to research:
A mystery creature’s body found by a group of teenagers, while playing in the town of Cerro Arul north of Panama City CNN reports, 18-September, 2009. The creature with rubber like skin, 150cm length, with weird and ugly features and without any hair on the body was spotted by the group, according to reports kids got scared from that Gollum-like thing in the lake.
Panamanian news service Telemetry reports, that the kids screamed when creature emerged from a cave and started hip hopping over rocks towards them as if intended to attack them, according to that group of teenagers they then stoned the mystery creature to death. Their parents returned to the lake the following day and were surprised to see the phenomenon. Later a team of researchers took out the body from Panama canal, photographed and then took that mystery creature’s body for further forensic testing and research.
These photographs caused a great speculation on the issue over web. There are no reports about any scientific observation. In picture visible hooked claw promotes the theory that creature was a sloth that by some means lost its hairs. According to viewers it is speculated that dead creature is actually a human fetus or some sort of genetic mutation .

That last bit again was ACTUALLY A HUMAN FETUS, does this not creep anyone else out? Maybe its just me, my excess amount of free time and my overactive imagination, but that shit is messed up (said in gangster voice).

Have a good week!

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