I have litterally dropped off the face of the earth

Oh Lord! I have had the most wonderful couple of days.

On Saturday (as I mentioned) was our VG Christmas party which got a little messy, but was frightfully fun none the less.  Then on Sunday morning Seb and I went down the coast and stayed the night in Broken Head. Unfortunately we had to get up at 4:30am to be at the Gold Coast at 6, but this failed to qualm us as we spent a wonderful time on the beach. 

Yesterday was probably the most wonderful out of all the days this week.
We (Seb and I.. again) went to Roma Street Parklands and got our wig on in the most wonderful way.  We met some very strange and lovely people along the way, including some friendly homeless women who reminded us we had lost our child.  
After spending ten hours in the park, only leaving briefly when we got cold and hungry, we headed on our merry way back to Sherwood (indahood) and got some shut eye before dying at work today.

The 'Arsehole Award' which lovingly went to Simon (well deserved bud)



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