How to avoid killing yourself

After two days, I have come to the conclusion, that when you live in the suburbs and you can't drive, day's off aren't all they are cracked up to be.

Everything is so boring, you are miiiiles from anywhere even mildly entertaining, you can't go to the beach.. I could go on a picnic, but my delicate pale skin is not made for middle-of-the-day sunshine. 

So instead I am eating myself into oblivion and waiting for Chloe to come and collect me.
I need a job..
Well.. another job..

Ten possible things to do when bored when you live in suburbia:

1. Break into your neighbours house and start a fire
2. Dress up like a cat
3. Bake chocolate muffins
4. Hide in the bushes and when people walk past.. kill them
5. Watch Desperate Housewives
6. Play with your imaginary dog
7. Go spear fishing in your pond and eat your gold fish for dinner
8. Re-arrange all the furniture in the house, just to annoy everyone
9. Create a deadly animal and unleash it into your brothers room.
10. Find a cure to amputees (If I was really smart, I would like to be able to create a serum that people could take when they lose a limb, so that they can grow it back.. just like a startfish).


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