My levels of stoke are at an all time high.
I've had the most wonderful weekend! Mainly yesterday and today.

Let me proceed.
My pal Tarryn is going back to Darwin for the holidays on Friday and we thought we should send her off in style by taking the trip that had to be postponed after an innocent plan to go to Nimbin, which lead us to the emergency room.  

So, Tarryn, Scott, Fraser and I packed our bags, collected some delicious food, gathered 8 liters of Goon, as well as an unreasonable amount of smiles and set off to Byron on our merry way.
We found a quiet road on the most amazing beach in the world and set up camp.  We also managed to find the most fantastic radio station which only added to our levels of intrigue.

Approximately an hour and a half into glory, things got furiously more wonderful as we busted out the glow sticks. 
Tarryn took some long exposures and Scott took a video, but I have nothing to visually contribute as I left my phone at home and stupidly didn't take my camera (what on earth is the point of having a camera if not for occasions like this?!?!)

It was pitch black were we where and I can sat that I have never seen stars as wonderful as they were last night, it was like we were hanging off the side of the earth, soaring through space and we got to watch the moon disappear from an eclipse.

This morning, at approximately 7:06, we awoke and went swimming in the sea, which was also unreasonably pleasant. 

Then we explored this abandoned railway tunnel in Mulimbimby (where I was last week) which was pretty sick.  

I returned home covered in dirt without an ounce of dis-contentment in my body.  Not a single ounce.

Hopefully either Fraser or Scott will have some photo's up on their tumblr.  But if they don't, that's a shame.

Ten thumbs up for a great weekend team!#!!#!

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