I haven't posted in a million years.. almost, give or take a couple of days.

Last week was the most hectic week, and so was the week before that.
I am paying for it now though because I am sick and can't feel my legs.
I'm pretty hungry too, but I've spent all my money and the only thing I have in the cupboard is cheese.. and I don't really like cheese that much when I have other things to put with it.

I have had some excellent times with many of my friends over the past fortnight, but I hope to get back into a normal person frame of mind pronto.

This was the most delicious cup cake in the world. 
I might make some cup cakes riiight now.








In all my hype of talking about cup cakes, I forgot to mention that I went to Parklife a couple of weeks ago!
It was so much fun, especially since I didn't really have too much of an idea as to weather or not I was going until about 3 hours before it started.  So I called up Tarryn, we collected our tickets and off we went.

The absolute highlight of the entire day (for me) was seeing Sebastian Tellier.  He wore these fucking unbelievable sparkly jeans, that I spent the whole time mesmerized by.  I think that it would be safe to say that I spent more attention on his pants, than I did on the actually music.

I don't really remember that much else of the day that would be of interest.  So much partying.. so many smiles.  But then I had to go to work which was tears.

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