A short story for my 12 fans

I know a man who only walks backwards, because when he walks forwards, time reverses itself.
He was born from a combination of chemicals and flowers and grew up in my neighbours garden.
He played with cats and read books to further his knowledge, it was only ten years later that he realised he could not read.

He drinks soup for breakfast and tea for dinner and swallows the stars in between meals.
He said his name was Toby and it was then discovered that his birthday was the same as his death.

He kept walking backwards all over the world, dodging bullets as people shot their bows and arrows.
"time can only move forward" he said, but is that really the case?

What would happen if by some freak incident he took one step forward and from that point on, the world span in reverse?

If the world span in reverse, the sun would rise from the west and time would in fact reverse until we were just a spec of nothing in a seemingly empty space.




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