Glory vs even more glory

I have actually had the most outstandingly amazing day.  
I mean bullshit amazing it was that amazing.
The kind of day that makes me wonder whether life can actually get better.

I got dressed up and treated myself to a delicious lunch at Cru, because I had to go down and drop off something.  Then I went for a picnic with Chloe, Meally and Ally at New Farm Park.

I haven't seen these darling girls in a good three or four weeks and I didn't realise just how much I missed them until I actually saw them.
We laughed and ate and laughed and laughed.  I caught up on all their news and somehow became the butt  jokes (as I am at work) from all the creepy situations I seem to get myself into.

I can honestly and whole heartedly say that I have never been happier with things than I am at the moment.
It's fucking amazing.

Sorry girls

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