Cheers, big ears

I knew from our alkwardly comfortable first night that she was no ordinary girl.  My first sight was more of a glimpse.
A glimpse of difference among people I would traditionally have thought nothing of.
A glimpse of fun and smiles among repetitive nights and frowns.

I remember walking with my head down - writing a message in my own world.  Trying to overcome the butterflies feasting on whatever is in your stomach when you don't have butterflies. 
I probably mean food..

Alerted by only the friction of tar on my shoes, I looked up to make sure death by bonnet would not ensue, I'd planned at the very least to end the night at the hand of her.

But instead of looking up to a car and my life to this point flashing before me, I looked up to her, standing surreally out of place and my life from this point flashing before me.

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