Lately, Kat and I have been watching Sex and the City pretty much non-stop.

I have always been an avid fan and I used to idolise everything about the show, hoping that I would one day have their lives.

This time around though, I have come to realise, that they are not in fact 'fabulous', but are instead a bunch of middle aged women sitting around whining about their lives.

Samantha got it spot on when she said 'if you spend more time frowning in your relationship than you spend smiling, what is the point?'

My thoughts on relationships has changed so very much over the past couple of months.
I think I used to be just like Carrie, but now watching Carrie, I think she is bullshit.

I think it's time to stop discecting everything and just have a good time.

Now this guy is my kinda man

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