Oh man, tonight unfortunately was a hectic one.. and not in the good hectic.
The Belligerents where awesome, I smiled uncontrollably when I saw that the drummer was wearing a helmet and people started crowd surfing.

After a long night though, I made the decision to make the long trek back to my parents house to look after my wee brother as he was left alone this weekend.
As I was walking down James St, tears in my eyes, heavy bag + tafe folders on my back and wearing my new overalls, I realised that I looked like a 12 year old who has just run away from home.
I laughed when I thought of this.
I laughed for a long time.

It's great that despite the great and then horrible happenings of the night I still laughed greatly, by myself in the street, wearing overalls and running away.

I am now at my parents house, soaking up the free internet and watching Nick and Norah's infinate playlist.
I also woke my brother up and made him come hang.

This was me tonight, my friend sent this to me a while back.

The terrified gentleman is him at the formal.

my sould geting eaten

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