Resting my feet is supreme

Ah man, today has been the longest day.
I just got back from work, soon to be heading out again..
Work is taking over my life.. which is a good thing as I thoroughly enjoy it.
I did get to work though today, only to find that I was engaged.. awkward.. 
It still spins me out every day how blissfully amazing the last few weeks have been.
There is not a moment in the day when I am sad, which makes a great change from months of sadness.

I also had spring rolls for dinner.. ooooh boy.

Meanwhile, I had the brilliant idea about 5 minutes ago of starting a show called 'My Kitten Rules'.
I also just got the weirdest phone call from a private number JUST THEN which was either horses walking OR a slushy vagina.

This is Chloe's mum.. I don't know how pleased she would be of me posting this photo, but she is great.

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