Rant about my life

It's so hot, I am about to melt.
Yesterday I went to the beach in the afternoon and it was sooooooo beautiful!
The water was just the right temperature and the sun wasn't too hot and burny.
Going to the beach is something I don't do nearly enough anymore.
It used to happen ever weekend.. now it's non-existant.
Except yesterday.. and a few weeks ago.

I one day would like to live at the beach.
It's pretty crazy, in the last few weeks my priorities have totally changed.
I have become A LOT more chilled out and calmer about things.
I think I am also appreciating the little things more.
I also realised today, that I don't think that I want to be a designer.
I don't think I want to get into that shallow and materialistic world.

I asked one of my friends the other day 'do you ever get tired of thinking about tattoo's?' (he is training to be a tattoo-er) and he said 'I don't think you should do anything unless you are obsessed with it.'

This really stuck in my head, because it's so true. 
(another one that is stuck in my head was from Chloe's grandma - 'you should never wait for a man, or a tram, because the next one will be along before you know it').
I used to be obsessed with fashion, but at the moment, I'm not.  I generally just throw on the first thing I see that smells okay with a pair of sneakers.
I have become a lot more relaxed with life.

I think I want to be a painter instead.

Remember this bad boy?

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