I haven't slept since posting yesterday, unless you count my half hour this morning whilst watching American Dad, so my situation has only got worse.
I have therefore decided to stay at my parents for a while to escape from the hustle and bustle of general life.

Last night Kat (1&2) and I went looting after work and prior to meeting friends.. it was excellent. 
We got everything our hearts could ever desire to make a house a home.

I also managed to pick up a schweeeeet suitcase with Brendan this morning which made his pants dirty as we carried it home..
I laughed so he broke my headband.. I then had to go downstairs and pick up all the pieces from the garden.. They were babies.

When I was trying to find a photo of my headband, I found these photo's which I didn't even realise I still had.
It's from Good Friday last year under the Gateway Bridge.

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