The night I got arrested

Yesterday afternoon, after work I went to the coast for Chelsea's 20th Birthday.
I can honestly say, it was the best time I have had in a long time.

We went out to 'Friday's' which is apparently the hip place to be in Mooloolabar (hey incorrect spelling).
Shot's that were 76% alcohol where on the cards.. we knew we were in for a big night.

Needless to say, as I was getting some air and I came across a few strapping young policemen.
I do love a man in uniform, so I approached them and this is how our convocation went..

Me: Have you arrested anyone tonight?
Them: No, not yet
Me: Do you think you will?
Them: I'm not sure
Me: Have you ever seen someone get stabbed?
Them: No
Me: Do you think someone will get stabbed tonight?
Them: Lets hope not
Me: Can I hold your gun?
Them: No
Me: Can we arrest someone?
Them: Only if they are doing the wrong thing
Me: Can you arrest me?
Them: No
Me: Can I wear the handcuffs pleeeeeeaaaaase?
Them: Okay..

Please note that my behaviour throughout that convocation was over excited and theirs was lightheartedness, glad to have a friendly young lass to talk to.

That was the highlight of my night.
I actually can't remember the last time I laughed and smiled like that.

Today, we hung out around the pool, played some board games, went fishing (unfortunately we did not catch anything) and then before leaving to come home we went in the boat to get fish and chips.

mmm.. fish and chips





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